Employment Support

Employability Support

Unemployment is a pressing global issue. In the UK, over a million young people are unemployed. At the same time, nearly 40% of employers say a lack of skills is the main reason they are unable to fill entry level jobs.

As part of Barclays commitment to citizenship globally, we aspire to support individuals with the aptitude and attitude, but not the opportunity or social capitalto attain and sustain employment. Barclays will leverage our position as a convener of corporates, government and NGOs to help create a network that removes the socio-economic barriers to employment.

Barclays have a number of programmes, in addition to Money Skills, that can support your career.



Barclays Apprenticeships are a foundation upon which you can build a rewarding and lasting career. You’ll join a learning pathway that could lead to either a full-time role or a Higher Apprenticeship/Graduate position, depending on what you want to achieve. Your age, background, experience or education won’t hold you back. And we really mean this. If you have no experience at all, you can develop key skills on our traineeship before setting out on your Apprenticeship. Whichever point you start at, our support will help you explore our business and take advantage of all the many opportunities ahead. You’ll take on a role with good career progression, earn a competitive salary, gain valuable work experience and professional training, and add your own energy to the momentum that’s driving us forward. What’s more, you’ll work towards a qualification that will prove how far you’ve come.

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Barclays LifeSkills

LifeSkills created with Barclays aims to inspire and equip young people with the key skills needed in the workplace, boosting our economy and supporting our society. The programme brings together educators, businesses, young people and parents to achieve this, as increasingly young people need to leave education not only with appropriate academic results but with the skills that we know businesses need now and in the future. It provides educators with more than 55 hours of free curriculum linked employability resources, as well as dozens of interactive tools for young people to learn in their own time or in conjunction with their parents. LifeSkills also supports businesses to offer work experience opportunities which in turn improves access for young people.

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