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Other Resources

Help vulnerable groups manage their money more effectively with resources designed to support organisations working with them.


Banking made clear -
Resource pack

This comprehensive resource has been developed in partnership with the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) to provide people with learning disabilities with clear information about how to manage their money. Topics covered in this guide include opening and using a bank account, keeping track of your money and budgeting, spending and saving, staying safe, and where to go for more help and support.

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Banking Made Clear DVD

Banking made clear - DVD

The Banking made clear booklet and DVD guides the viewer through a series of seven short films on the process of opening an account that is right for them, and top tips on keeping safe.

Download the Banking made clear quick guide for a summarised version of this resource.

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Making Fresh Start Dvd

Making a fresh start - DVD

This resource has been developed in partnership with Nacro and is designed to help people in prison (and those who have recently left prison) to deal with their money issues before they spiral out of control. Topics covered in this guide include keeping track of money and budgeting, managing debt, and the dangers of loan sharks, and where to go for help and support.

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Making Fresh Start Housing

Supporting people at risk of homelessness - Resource pack

This resource has been developed in partnership with Business Action on Homelessness and is designed to support people who are homeless or who have experienced homelessness, and people returning to work after a period of unemployment. It is also a useful reference tool for workers who are supporting clients in these situations. The aim of this resource is for participants to think about money and finances, understand financial words and products, look at ways to manage money, plan for good money management now and in the future, and to be able to find money help and advice.

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